Feed the Fire

At ILUMA™ Foundation, our mission is to Feed the Fire™ that burns within every woman. We already support a few outstanding young women who have talent, integrity and a deep desire to achieve their dreams in their own area of expertise and we are looking to support more talented young women in the months and years ahead.

Feed the Fire



Andrea was born and raised in Venezuela and has had a fascination with food from an early age, particularly desserts and sweets.

Find out more about what happened next and about how we are now supporting Andrea to achieve her big dream here.

Meet Gabriella


Gabriella is a visual artist based in Perth. The ILUMA team were so moved by Gabriella’s beautiful art work, we commissioned her to design and paint an ILUMA inspired mural for our new ILUMA HQ at 138 Cambridge St, West Leederville. We are looking forward to the big reveal on opening day.

Read Gabriella’s story here.

Photo shoot

ILUMA’s mission is to Feed the Fire that burns within every woman.

We wanted to share what that fire means to us, so rather than explain it, we decided to create it.

See the photos and learn more

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If you have talent, passion, determination and a burning desire to pursue your dream, we’d love to know more. Please complete our application form and we’ll be in touch soon.

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“Be who you were created to be, and you will set the world on fire.”