Feed the Fire

Andrea’s passion for food was sparked as a young child in Venezuela helping her mum add spices to her cooking and enjoying her grandfather’s culinary masterpieces. Andrea’s food journey led her to Perth to allow her to pursue her pastry studies. Read on to find out how we are supporting Andrea achieve¬†her big dream.

Feed the Fire

Andrea meets Iluma

Andrea was one of many applicants for a patisseur position we advertised in late 2016. We recognised the ILUMA fire in Andrea instantly and knew she was meant to be part of the ILUMA team. ILUMA is helping Andrea work towards her culinary dreams which include learning the skills to open her own retail cake shop in Perth and an interest in attending a training course at the International Culinary Centre with cake couture royalty, Ron Ben Israel.

To help Andrea to continue to hone her craft whilst she works toward achieving her big dream, we are sending her on a 3 day training course at the Savour Chocolate and Patisserie School with one of her sources of inspiration, the internationally acclaimed, highly innovative, award winning pastry chef, Antonio Bachour.

A message from Andrea

“My name is Andrea; I was born and raised in Venezuela. Since I was little I had a fascination for food especially desserts and sweets, they were always in all my best memories. While I was growing I started searching for recipes, tutorials and trends to educate myself about this wonderful world so I became self taught, I started my Cake business when I was 19 years old and I kept it until 2015 when I decided it was time for the next big step, getting my degree in patisserie to expand and improve the knowledge that with years I had gathered. So I moved to Australia, a country known for the introduction of new trends and innovative desserts.

During this journey I have been presented with many opportunities and challenges, each of them taking me one step closer to my dreams and goals. When I found out about ILUMA Fine Foods I felt a tickle in my stomach, a sign that told me I was on the right path.

I see ILUMA as the opportunity of my life to develop as professional , they believe in me and my talent, by allowing me to unleash my creativity and giving me the tools and opportunities to learn from the greatest plus working next to an amazing team o better yet a wonderful family.¬† Definitely being part of ILUMA means the opportunity to achieve my craziest dreams.”

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