Feed the Fire

Gabriella is a visual artist based in Perth. The ILUMA team were so moved by Gabriella’s beautiful art work, we commissioned her to design and paint an ILUMA inspired mural for our new ILUMA HQ at 138 Cambridge St, West Leederville. We are looking forward to the big reveal on opening day.

Feed the Fire

A message from Gabriella

“My name is Gabriella D’Orsogna, and I am a visual artist based in Perth. I have always been drawn to art, from as long as I can remember. Growing up – as my brother and sister read books, I would spend hours getting lost in drawing and painting. I studied art at university, and found the formal process constraining which led to me stepping away from art and redirecting my focus to accounting – which is my full time occupation.

Recently I travelled to The Netherlands for a year, and used the opportunity to rekindle my passion for art.
Art has always been my happy place, and has provided me with an avenue to express my artistic side whilst continuing to pursue my career in accounting.

I have recently dedicated more time to my art, joining a fantastic local scene with other inspirational young artists that have helped guide me through new styles, methods and mediums.

My work so far has been influenced by and dedicated to those who have inspired me. Seeing the impact my art is able to have on loved ones has been very rewarding. I am hoping as my work expands, I can share some of that joy with others in the community and inspire women of all ages to do what they love.”

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“And one day she discovered she was fierce and strong and full of fire, and that not even she could hold herself back because her passions burned brighter than her fears.”